The Work The Work

Dance duo Fitzgerald & Stapleton are back home with New York praise ringing in their ears. Their Chocolate Factory-commissioned The Work The Work exudes choreographic confidence, even though it grapples with insecurities and the abuse of the female body image. Well, not exactly grapples, because that’s not the Fitzgerald & Stapleton way. Instead they are happy to let images, speech and sound hang out onstage and leave the coalescence to each individual viewer. Although they regularly perform naked, here the exposure is a more loaded re-articulation of their spoken anxieties and stammering movements. There are also moments of childlike inquisitiveness – “What happens to the words we don’t use?” – and some real divilment, so The Work The Work retains the duo’s bemusement at everyday life. And ultimately it once again shows how the personal statement is far more powerful than the political.

Four Stars