Never Look in the Mirror when You’re Dancing

We’re near the end of the Fringe, so have you seen enough angsty shows full of, like, really important messages and delivered in a this-is-my-big-chance-so-I-don’t-care-if-you’re-bored-for-two-hours kind of way? Maybe you need a time-out in Smock Alley, where HaveMoreFun (there’s a hint in the name) have a delightful twenty-five minute charmer that’s a simple tale told well. There aren’t programme notes to digest or post-show discussions to tell you what you should have seen, just a little box of raisins thrust into your hand on the way in. Kay Scorah’s story of her ballroom dancing parents and a stool made of orange crates reminds us how stories about real lives resonate with our own hopes and dreams. Jessica and Megan Kennedy play the tireless dancing parents tirelessly and Scorah recounts the tale with a winning combination of childlike easiness and barely suppressed pride.

Four Stars