Dance in a World of Change

Dance in a World of Change

Stepping Into Footprints: Tradition and the Globalization of Irish Dance is the opening chapter of Dance in a World of Change (ed. Shapiro).

Dance in a World of Change: Reflections on Globalization and Cultural Difference presents a range of international perspectives on dance pedagogy, the body, performance, and dance and culture. The text expands the discourse of dance that connects it to the critical, political, moral, and aesthetic dimensions of contemporary society, and it explores how globalization is influencing and shaping the future of dance.

In Chapter 1, Stepping into Footprints, Michael Seaver argues convincingly that traditional Irish dance and the mega-hits of “Riverdance-type spectaculars” variety are instances of the local and global as two sides of the same coin, where a place like Ireland today may be better understood by recognizing the continuum nature of glocalization rather than a unidirectional globalization. Even as he unpacks those weighty ideas, Seaver provides edifying lessons on Irish history and cultural politics.

International Journal of Education and the Arts


Seaver, a dance critic, focuses on the complex interaction between local, national and international politics and economics in the globalisation of Irish dance. He writes from a social and historical, rather than educational, perspective, using a particular dance product (Riverdance) to analyse globalisation as a culturally complex process, rather than a monolithic, homogenising force.

Research in Dance Education

Published by Human Kinetics, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-0736069434