Bí Ullamh

Bí Ullamh

Years ago, as a boy scout the motto Bí Ullamh was drilled into me. It’s the Irish for “be prepared” and although it didn’t turn me into a overly cautious fretter who couldn’t leave home without a pen-knife, waterproofs and matches in a Ziploc bag, it did make me aware that anything can happen. And it usually does.

Which makes it all the more galling when I lost an entire WordPress website a few days ago because I hadn’t backed it up.  It was a hard lesson. All I needed was to install the BackUpWordpress plugin, which backs up the site automatically.

The best backing up, of course, is automatic. Last year the hard drive on my trusty 12 year old Apple wheezed it’s last, but thanks to behind-the-scenes back-ups to a external hard drive everything was saved and was effortlessly transferred back to the new hard drive.

When it comes to my study notes I’m even more prepared for a catastrophe.

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